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Configuring 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines, known officially as the Republic of the Philippines is an Asian beauty that appeals to all travelers with its natural charm and magnetism.
This beautiful archipelago is the only country in Southeast Asia that does not share land borders with its neighbors. From the rich history that has a combined influence of Asia, European cultures and landscapes and peoples of Latin prosper attractive reveals the vitality of modern and relaxed, nice beaches, the Philippines is a land of topics and regions that will eventually rock. In addition, low cost, delights gourmet, and housing choices are abundant in a dream destination for your vacation. Serving all travelers, Hotels Philippines is one of the largest in the country's tourism sector.

The Philippines has a rich history of hundreds of ethnic groups and present a mix of art and culture. The country has a total of 79 provinces divided into three major island groups, namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Includes northern Luzon island groups, have groups islands of Visayas in central Mindanao and the characteristics of the groups of islands further south. Manila is the most popular city and the capital located in the island group of Luzon. Other major cities include Los Angeles, Bacolod, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Bohol and Vigan.

Dive Resort Philippines
Dive Resort Philippines

Get into the Philippines is very easy for most tourists from foreign countries, as they get a free one month tourist visa on arrival. In addition, you can easy apply for an extension visa valid for 60 days (and some more extensions, if ever you need) in all major Cities. On the Immigration Website of the goverment you can find a Address List of all Immigration Offices, where you can apply for a visa extension. To reach this country, international travelers can fly to the capital or large cities with an airport internationally as Cebu, Davao, Laoag and so on. Many tourists prefer to travel in Ninoy Aquino (NAIA International Airport) in Manila - even I prefer (and I recommend) to fly to Cebu City.

When I am in Cebu, I always stay in the Alpa City Suites Hotel it is very clean, comfortable, have big rooms with free Internet (LAN and WiFi), every room has a small kitchenette and the stuff is very friendly and helpfull. One thing is curios in the Alpa City Suites Hotel: If you book direct, it is more expensive (even with their special rates, what they have from time to time), than if you book the Alpa City Suites online on Last time I asked (again), why they don't give discount, if I book direct and they say, that this is the policy of the Hotel Management. Cebu is much more nice, more calm and more safe and you can fly from Cebu to any other Airport within the Philippines, or easy go anywhere else here within the Philippines. Every Diveresort will be happy to arrange the transport to their place for you, or even pick you up in your Hotel in Cebu City.

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As for food, cooking of the Philippines is influenced by different cultures that have flourished here. The food available here is a mixture of Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, American, and Spanish flavor. Rice is the basic staple population of this country.

Enjoy a wonderful Scuba diving in the Philippines!